End to end solution for ingesting and analysing IoT data in near real-time

  • A fully managed platform for data in motion and self-managed connectors from Confluent
  • A secure connection from Confluent to Azure
  • A highly distributed and scalable data management solution from Azure
  • A limitless analytics service offered by Azure that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics
  • A fully managed microservice development platform on Azure
Architecture overview

Title says it all! 👆

Access your Kubernetes Deployment over the Internet

With practical examples, learn how to leverage integration between these services for processing data with Apache Spark

Use Azure Key Vault for secure access from Spark pools in Azure Synapse

A local dev environment for learning Kafka and Cosmos DB — no cost involved!

In the final part, build a Serverless Go app for monitoring the Tweets processor app

A practical example of how to use Kafka, Redis and Spring on Azure to process Time Series data


Java app to process tweets from Redis Streams

Build a Rust app to consume from the Twitter Streaming API

Abhishek Gupta

Azure Cosmos DB at Microsoft | I like Databases, Go, Kubernetes

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