(eBook) Practical Redis: first few chapters released!

Abhishek Gupta
2 min readJun 20, 2018

I am happy to announce that the first few chapters of Practical Redis are now available

About Practical Redis

Practical Redis

It is a hands-on, code-driven guide to Redis where each chapter is based on an application (simple to medium complexity) which demonstrates the usage of Redis and its capabilities (data structures, commands etc.).

The applications in the book are based on Java and Golang. The Java based Redis client libraries which have been used in this book include Jedis, Redisson and Lettuce while go-redis is used as the client library for Golang. Docker and Docker Compose are used to deploy the application stack (along with Redis)

Here is a quick outline of the book contents

  • Hello Redis — quick tour of Redis capabilities including its versatile data structures
  • Redis: the basic data structures — intro to core Redis data structures with a Java based news sharing app using the Jedisclient
  • Extending Redis with Redis Modules — learn about the basics of Redis Modules and make use of ReBloom in a Go based recommendation service
  • Tweet analysis service — keep track of relevant tweets using a Java and Go based application which ingests tweets, consumes/processes them and produces queryable info in real time using reliable queues (Redis LISTs), SETs and HASHes

Coming soon …

The below chapters are work in progress on and will be made available in subsequent releases of this book

  • Pipelines and Transactions in Redis
  • Scalable chat application — Use Redis PubSub and Websocket to create a chat service
  • Stream processing with Redis — watch Redis Streams in action (new data structure in Redis 5.0)
  • Redis based Tracking service — thanks to combination of the Geo data type and Lua scripting capability in Redis
  • Redis for distributed computing — explore interesting use cases made possible by Redisson
  • Data partitioning in Redis — practical examples highlighting data sharding strategies in Redis
  • Redis high availability

Go check it out & stay tuned for more updates


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