Most commonly asked questions about Dapr

Is Dapr a Service mesh, what’s the difference ?

  • Service meshes are closer to infrastructure layer and operator concerns
  • Dapr is closer to applications layer which developers are reponsible for
  • There is an overlap between Dapr and Service meshes …
  • … but, you can use them together as well — see a demo of Dapr and Linkerd working together

Dapr is a “runtime” — what does that mean?

(Myth) Dapr depends on Docker

  • “Dapr needs docker” == false
  • In standalone mode, Dapr runs as a process
  • In Kubernetes, there is some magic going on — one of them being the sidecar injection which is taken care of by the dapr-sidecar-injector Pod (check out the implementation here)

What about Docker Compose support?

Pub/Sub and Bindings — what’s the difference?

  • Input bindings: trigger your app with events coming in from external systems
  • Output bindings: invoke external systems

That’s it.. for now!




Principal Developer Advocate at AWS | I ❤️ Databases, Go, Kubernetes

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Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek Gupta

Principal Developer Advocate at AWS | I ❤️ Databases, Go, Kubernetes

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